Great Minds Think Alike

Perhaps we will never know whether it was coincidence or a well-timed escapade but on Wednesday, January 14, 2014 every teacher and staff member who came to school was sporting …… pigtails. 


True the pig tails ranged from barely there to long and luxurious and from carefully groomed to hastily assembled but all those pigtails made quite a site.  Soon the pigtail fever spread to some of the students.  This might explain why your student left with his or her usual coif and returned home with … yes… pigtails.


Could Hillside be on the cutting edge of resurgence of this trendy fad?  Or perhaps Kael wanted his history students to learn that according to Wikipedia the term “pigtail” first appeared in the American Colonies in the 17th century to describe a twist of chewing tobacco  ( . Either way, it made for a very special Wednesday.

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