Neighborhood Courtesy

It is important to be thoughtful of our neighbors in Hillside’s residential location.

Parents who drop off and pick up students at the corner of SE 50th and
159 Place SE (where you see the dead end sign) are asked to observe the
following rules and courtesies:

  1. Parents must not enter or park in the cul-de-sac when dropping off
    or picking up students. This is a safety issue. Please refer to Traffic Safety at Hillside.
  2. Do not use a neighbor’s driveway to turn around or back up your car or make a U-turn in the road. If you or your children wish to socialize before leaving Hillside in the afternoon, please park on the street before the dead end sign and walk to the small HSC garden directly across from the school building, north of the school driveway.
  3. If you have a dog that needs walking, use a leash, and carry a doggie
    pick-up bag with you to the HSC garden.
  4. Children and animals must stay off neighbors’ lawns or property.