Make A Difference In Your Community!

Hillside has always believed in the value of community service.

Volunteering not only gives back to the community but it provides an opportunity to develop skills, learn about different kinds of work, meet new people and develop one’s own passions. In addition, colleges are looking for students who show initiative in exploring and following their interests, and time spent volunteering is one way to strongly demonstrate that initiative.

At Hillside, we strongly encourage students to keep track of the times and places where they have volunteered.  Volunteer Form. Both Hillside and the student will keep a copy of their documents, both for the student to refer to when preparing his/her CV for college applications, and for HSC to use when writing recommendations.

Below is a list places to start provided by parents and staff.  If you know of an opportunity that isn’t listed here, please share it with others by posting it on the Hillside Parent Facebook Group.

We want to encourage all Hillside students to explore the many options available to them.  Take some time and think about where you would like to share your strengths!

The four sites below give general information about a variety of volunteer opportunities.  Use them to help you find a volunteer opportunity that matches your interest and age group.

Volunteer Match

Parent Map Article on Volunteer Opportunities

Seattle’s Child Article on Volunteer Opportunities

City of Bellevue Teen Volunteering Resource Page

And here are some opportunities that were specifically mentioned by parents and staff.

Bellevue Fire Explorers
Provides the opportunity for young adults (14 – 20 years of age) to become familiar with career opportunities available in the fire service.  The program is designed to encourage teamwork, cooperation, responsibility, effective communication, the development of leadership skills and to provide knowledge of fire protection and safety.

Homeward Pet in Woodinville
Help out at the animal shelter.

King County Library Service
For students over 14 years of age, there are lots of opportunities to volunteer at your local library.

King County Parks
Native Plant Salvage Program

King County Regional Animal Services
They provide pet shelter and field services to 25 cities and unincorporated King County.

Little Bit : Therapeutic Riding Center

Mountain to Sound Greenway
A recent Hillside graduate volunteered here and had a wonderful experience.

Overlake Medical Center’s Summer Teen Program
For teenagers 16-18 years old. Unavailable last year, they hope to reinstate the program for Summer 2014.

Pacific Science Center
Opportunities for teens to mentor campers in PSC’s Summer Camps for Curious Minds, as well as to participate in the Discovery Corps Program, designed to inspire lifelong interest in science, math and technology. (One of these camps will be on the Hillside Campus in August.)

Reach Out And Read
Learn about the various opportunities and then find a center near you.  There are volunteering opportunities in Bellevue, Seattle, Tukwila, and Renton.

Sea Cadets
For students ages 13 – 17, to introduce youth to naval life, to develop in them a sense of pride, patriotism, courage, and self-reliance.

Seattle Choral Company
Participate in bringing beautiful music to the stage.

Seattle Humane Society
A selected group of teens age 13-17 can volunteer time as Humane Teen Club members.

StudentRND (Student Research and Technology)
BellevueStudent Research and Development (StudentRND) is a student-run non-profit organization that aims to inspire students to learn more about science and technology by offering hands-on opportunities for students to explore beyond and experiment with the concepts that were so laboriously covered in school textbooks.

Solid Ground
Marra Farm Giving Garden

Teens in Public Service
TIPS employs teens in public service throughout the summer.

The Global Call To Action
Made up of young people around the world, who are working together on projects thought up, created and run by young people.

The VA of Puget Sound
Runs a volunteer program for teens.  The application process opens in May.  It’s a summer program.

The Vera Project at Seattle Center
The Vera Project at Seattle Center is an all-ages music venue non-profit that has a lot of volunteer opportunities.

Woodland Park Zoo
Join ZooCorps Teen Volunteering Program for grades 9 and 10.

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