School Supplies

Expected Materials for 5th-6th Grade, 2019-2020

Required Items
To Drink
Re-fillable water bottle (please no single-use bottled water or sodas)

To Eat
Easy to eat lunch (daily) including necessary utensils. Students do have microwave access

Two Three-Ring Binders
Dividers for the binders

Journal (at least 8” by 10”; can be spiral or fixed binding
* Note—students using computers or tablets to accommodate dysgraphia can keep their notebooks electronically, but they must bring their devices daily, and must maintain electronic files that teachers can access to check their work

Independent Reading
Bring a book to read or that you are currently reading

Notebook Paper:
One pack (wide or college-ruled)

Writing Implements
Pens and Pencils of your preference as long as they do not bleed through paper (no Sharpies)
At least two different colors

Optional Items
Computer (Teachers will tell students when they will have a chance to use them. Students with accommodations for dysgraphia should bring their computer/tablet for use daily)
Colored pencils

At Home
Access to a computer with internet connection
Reliable way to print typed assignments
A quiet space (or spaces) to read 20+ minutes a night

Expected Materials for 7th-11th Grade, 2018-2019

Please have your student come to school with the following items:

  • Laptop
  • a USB thumb drive
  • a TI83 or graphing calculator
  • a King County Library Card in the student’s name, clear of all fines.
  • loose-leaf college ruled notebook paper
  • pens and pencils
  • a refillable water bottle
  • any utensils necessary for lunch