Clubs and Events

Clubs and Events play a rich and vital role that in a Hillside education.

Our clubs provide opportunities to explore subjects and activities outside of the classroom.  The clubs offered each year originate from the serendipitous meshing of student interest and faculty expertise.  Many of these clubs are skill based and may be counted as credit towards graduation.

Hillside has always had a rich history of celebrating learning and community through events that can be shared with family and friends.  Whether it is Physics Night or the History Feast, these events provide an opportunity for students to present their expertise to the larger community.  Other events such as the Classic Film Nights or the All School Social are moments where we can come together as a school and enjoy each other’s company.

Clubs offered each year typically include:
  • Animation
  • Fencing
  • Fiber Arts
  • Games
  • Story/Scriptwriting Workshop
Clubs from previous years have included:
  • Art
  • Celtic Music
  • Choral Music
  • Community Service
  • Cooking
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Homework
  • Journalism
  • Swing Dance
  • All Family Science Competition (such as a catapult contest)
  • All School September Social
  • Astronomy Night
  • Book Fair
  • Classic Film Nights
  • Community Service Days
  • Fencing Tournaments
  • Halloween Party
  • High School History Feast
  • Hillside Animation Night (featuring films created by students)
  • Intermediate Drama Performance
  • Intermediate Theater Field Trips
  • Science Poster Night
  • Secondary School Drama Performances
  • September Community Building Day
  • Year-end Outing