Clubs and Events

Clubs and Events play a rich and vital role that in a Hillside education.
Our clubs provide opportunities to explore subjects and activities outside of the classroom.  The clubs offered each year originate from the serendipitous meshing of student interest and faculty expertise.  Many of these clubs are skill based and may be counted as credit towards graduation. Club descriptions below. Register here.
Hillside has always had a rich history of celebrating learning and community through events that can be shared with family and friends.  Whether it is Physics Night or the History Feast, these events provide an opportunity for students to present their expertise to the larger community.  Other events such as the Classic Film Nights or the All School Social are moments where we can come together as a school and enjoy each other’s company.


I. Tabletop Gaming Club, Start Date: Monday, September 12, 2022 

The Tabletop Gaming Club (TGC) is a group for students who enjoy any strategy, fantasy, cooperative, adventure, role-playing, or deck-building games. We enjoy tabletop games of all types.  Student-led, teacher-sponsored, and open to anyone who shares our love for tabletop gaming.  Tabletop games are some of the most positive and engaging forms of social interaction.  Games promote critical thinking and problem-solving.  They test our adaptability; they require strategic cooperation; they create exciting competition.  In the spirit of fun, we form bonds with other players and develop friendships that extend far beyond the game.

Instructor: Jenn Dixon

Schedule: Every Monday from 3:20 – 4:45 pm.

Who May Attend: Open to Everyone, Min: 6, Max: 12 students.

Cost: $400 per year.

II. Hillside Cavaliers Fencing Club, Start Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Learn the art of the sword! It challenges the mind and body, and develops athleticism, problem solving, and sportsmanship.  Hillside Cavaliers focuses on the Olympic sport of Sabre, the fastest, subtlest, most athletic, and, to its practitioners, the most fun of the three fencing weapons.

Ability levels range from beginners to advanced fencers.  After warm-ups and stretching, we learn and practice effective sabre footwork, bladework, and tactics, and have fun sparring.  Sessions include both group and individual instruction as well as open fencing.  Beginners fence freely after gaining sufficient familiarity with several basic skills.

Afternoon classes are open to junior fencers, approximately ages 10 to 18.  Priority is given to students enrolled at Hillside Student Community School, although others are welcome.  Late afternoon or evening classes, lessons, and open fencing are open to junior and senior (adult) fencers, and will be posted according to interest and availability.  All members are welcome to open fencing sessions.

Coach: Kael Sherrard

Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:20 – 4:50 pm.

Who May Attend:  Open to Everyone, Min: 4, Max: 14 students.

Cost: $600.00 per year (single sessions $15.00 each for Hillside students).

Additional Costs:

USA Fencing Membership required:  Either Non-competitive $15 per year, or Access $25 per year, or Competitive $90 per year (see

Evening Classes with Wang Yung are extra and are paid directly to him.

Private lessons as arranged

Equipment as needed (especially FIE gloves for tournaments)

More details:  Hillside Cavaliers Fencing Information <>

III. Drama Club, Start Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2022 

We will begin with intensive improv workshops and exploratory scene work, dipping into a wide range of dramatic works. Before the winter break, actors will choose monologues and one-act plays to rehearse and perform in our February showcase.

Coach: Jean Sherrard

Schedule: Wednesdays from 3:20 – 4:50 pm. In January, rehearsals increase to several times / week as we approach the performance date.

Who May Attend: Grades 8-12, Min: 4, Max: 9

Cost: $400 per year.

IV. Created Creatures Club, Start Date: Thursday, September 15, 2022 

Learn basic hand-sewing, embellishment, and patterning techniques to craft your own soft creatures! Clubbers will come away with their own soft creatures to keep or share.

Instructor: Leslie HowellsSchedule: Thursdays from 3:20 – 4:45 pm.

Who May Attend: Open to Everyone, Min: 4, Max: 8 students.

Cost: $400 per year.

Clubs from previous years have included:

  • Art
  • Broadway
  • Celtic Music
  • Choral Music
  • Community Service
  • Computer Science
  • Cooking
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Fiber Arts
  • Games Club
  • Homework
  • Journalism
  • Social Justice
  • Swing Dance
  • All Family Science Competition (such as a catapult contest)
  • All School September Social
  • Astronomy Night
  • Book Fair
  • Classic Film Nights
  • Community Service Days
  • Fencing Tournaments
  • Halloween Party
  • High School History Feast
  • Hillside Animation Night (featuring films created by students)
  • Intermediate Drama Performance
  • Intermediate Theater Field Trips
  • Science Poster Night
  • Secondary School Drama Performances
  • September Community Building Day
  • Year-end Outing