Clubs and Events

Clubs and Events play a rich and vital role that in a Hillside education.

Our clubs provide opportunities to explore subjects and activities outside of the classroom.  The clubs offered each year originate from the serendipitous meshing of student interest and faculty expertise.  Many of these clubs are skill based and may be counted as credit towards graduation.

Hillside has always had a rich history of celebrating learning and community through events that can be shared with family and friends.  Whether it is Physics Night or the History Feast, these events provide an opportunity for students to present their expertise to the larger community.  Other events such as the Classic Film Nights or the All School Social are moments where we can come together as a school and enjoy each other’s company.


I. Broadway Club, Start Date: Sept. 14th

The Broadway Club at Hillside is a once-weekly meeting for individuals who love all things music! At the Broadway Club, students will discover or hone their singing skills through vigorous vocal warm-ups, fun singing games, and of course, as they practice and perform their Broadway musical favorites. Members of the Broadway Club are encouraged to let their talents shine and to share their talents with the group. Perhaps you enjoy dance and want to help choreograph, or maybe you have a talent for the piano and would like to lead vocal warm-ups.

All numbers will include fun costumes and an element of movement and dance. Students of any age and ability are welcome to join this non-audition club.

Coach: The Broadway Club is led by Hillside’s new 5th and 6th grade humanities teacher, Megan Owen. Megan has many years experience in both piano and choir. She performed in a show choir and regional choirs throughout middle and high school and went on to perform in her university’s all female a cappella choir. Her favorite song she has ever performed was an 8-part a cappella arrangement of Africa by Toto. Megan is looking forward to sharing her love of music with the Broadway Club this year!

Who May Attend: Open to Everyone, Min: 5, Max: 10 students.

Schedule: Every Monday from 3:05 – 4:20 pm.


II. Portfolio Club, Start Date: Sept. 14th

Prepare your portfolio either in preparation for the AP Art Exams, college applications, or your own satisfaction and growth.

Students will select themes, concepts, idioms, and mediums to execute a portfolio containing the number of pieces necessary to execute their goals. Leslie will provide guidance, feedback, and opportunities for students motivated to complete a collection of work. Students will provide their own materials in some instances.

Art Instructor: Leslie Howells

Who May Attend: Grades 9-12, Min: 3, Max: 6 students.

Schedule: Every Monday from 3:05 – 4:20 pm.


III. Drama Club, Start Date: Sept. 30th

If primarily using Zoom platforms, we will work largely on monologues and duets. These may include Shakespearean soliloquies and other poetry and prose of note. With some relaxation of COVID restrictions, casts and materials may expand accordingly. Our February performance date will occur whether Zoomed or live. As we have recently shown, an imaginative response is possible, even in the worst of times. One element our world desperately needs is pertinent stories, well told, and we’ll continue our attempts to do so.

Coach: Jean Sherrard

Who May Attend? Grades 9-12, Min: 3, Max: 6

Schedule: Every Wednesday from 3:05 – 4:20 pm. In the New Year, rehearsals increase to several times / week as we approach the performance date.


IV. Social Justice Club, Start Date: Sept. 17th

The Club will explore ideas of Social and Ecological Justice from a variety of perspectives, and investigate strategies of action to effect change. We will learn about different social movements across time from Spartacus to BLM, and imagine how they can apply to our current moment. We will research a range of inequities including issues around Human and Animal Rights, Racism, Feminism, LGBTQ+, Disability and Immigration, Ecology, how these different issues relate and intersect, and how to identify a personal focus.

We will examine a variety of strategies including letter writing, email campaigns (planning and execution), petitions, boycotts, memes, social networks, electoral and non-electoral work, civil disobedience, direct action, and education, with a focus on identifying how power moves and what seems to move it.

We will also look carefully at Internet Activism in the Age of Global Pandemic, asking questions like: How has politics changed during Covid-19? What kind of activism is no longer applicable (or accessible) that used to work, and visa versa? What is most effective, and how can we best use our energy during this time? What is hope, what do we want from the future? What is privilege and how can it be used for good? What does it mean to change the world, what does it mean to make the world a better place?

Club Instructor: Kalan Sherrard

Schedule: Every Thursday from 3:05 – 4:20 pm.

Who May Attend: Open to everyone, Min: 3, Max: 6 students.


V. Fiber Arts, Start Date: Sept. 18th

Explore creating 2-D and 3-D images using fibers. We’ll explore using a variety of techniques such as sewing, weaving, felting, and more. Expand what your ideas of fibers and how to them are! Students may be asked to supply fabric scraps or yarns.

Art Instructor: Leslie Howells

Schedule: Every Friday from 3:05 – 4:20 pm.

Who May Attend: Open to Everyone; Min: 4, Max: 8 students.

Clubs from previous years have included:
  • Art
  • Celtic Music
  • Choral Music
  • Community Service
  • Computer Science
  • Cooking
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Fencing
  • Fiber Arts
  • Games Club
  • Homework
  • Journalism
  • Swing Dance
  • All Family Science Competition (such as a catapult contest)
  • All School September Social
  • Astronomy Night
  • Book Fair
  • Classic Film Nights
  • Community Service Days
  • Fencing Tournaments
  • Halloween Party
  • High School History Feast
  • Hillside Animation Night (featuring films created by students)
  • Intermediate Drama Performance
  • Intermediate Theater Field Trips
  • Science Poster Night
  • Secondary School Drama Performances
  • September Community Building Day
  • Year-end Outing

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