Hillside Cavaliers Fencing

The art of the sword challenges the mind and body, and develops athleticism, problem solving, and sportsmanship.  Hillside Cavaliers focuses on the Olympic sport of Sabre, the fastest, subtlest, most athletic, and, to its practitioners, the most fun of the three fencing weapons.


Ability levels range from beginners to more experienced fencers.  After warm-ups and stretching, we will learn and practice effective sabre footwork, bladework, and tactics, and have fun sparring.  Sessions include both group and individual instruction as well as open fencing.  Beginners fence freely after gaining sufficient familiarity with several basic skills.

Classes are led by Kael Sherrard, a veteran with over twenty years of experience.  Classes and lessons may be available to club members outside the hours listed below for additional fees paid to the instructors.  As he is available, world class Sabre Master Wang Yung will give classes and lessons.  His schedule varies.

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