We invite you to attend one of our Open Houses to meet our staff and become acquainted with our program and campus. RSVP for the next Open House HERE.
If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to contact our Director of Admissions, Lizeth Gutierrez at with your questions about our program or any step of the admissions process.

The application process:

    • Please provide some preliminary information.
    • The admissions committee will review this information and contact you to set up a student/parent interview and visitation.
    • Interviews generally take place at 8:00 AM with the student and at least one parent; copies of the student’s last two report cards should be provided to the admissions committee at this time. Afterward, the student is invited to stay for the day and experience Hillside.
    • The application is made up of two parts.
      1. The first half, which can be found here, is to be completed by the parents.
      2. The second part, which can be found here, is to be completed by the student.
    • The next step is to distribute the Reference Form to two teachers. Once the references are received, the application is complete, and the admissions committee will make a decision about acceptance.