Swords, Jellybeans and Coordinate Points

We thought we would take a moment to share some fun.

First – coordinate points and treasure hunts……

The 5th grade learned about coordinate points this month.  Jain had them draw a map of Hillside on a coordinate grid.  Armed with that map and a key, the treasure hunt commenced.  Here’s a link to the movie of Rowan and Alex as they work through the clues: http://youtu.be/xA5L-HjEqmw.

The map, key, and movie will be available on the “Only at Hillside” Page on the web for further viewing.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Treasure Hunt Map_Web Treasure Hunt Key_WEb

And then there were jelly beans and swords………

Dawn Rogal invited Hillside’s plush club to her house one recent Saturday workshop to get a few extra studio hours in to finish up their projects.


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