World Cultures Wrap Up

The History and Tradition of Sushi

Throughout the Asia unit of our World Cultures block, we enjoyed presentations from many guest speakers, including a special visit from our very own 5th & 6th grade teacher, Merideth Block and her husband Erik Anderson, both of whom lived in Japan for many years and are experts on Japanese culture.

Sushi Making
They taught us about the history and traditions of sushi. We had a blast getting covered in sticky rice while rolling makizushi and temaki.                                                                  Doumo arigatou, Merideth and Erik!

Asia Fair

Our final class event was the Asia Fair. Throughout the course students independently researched a select Asian nation, and on the day of the fair they presented their findings with an informative tri-fold display and a tasty dish. Upper school students, parents and school staff enjoyed reading the displays, putting questions to the students and sampling the cuisine.

Here are few of recipes for you to try:

Keuh Bahulu

Rumali Roti

Spiced Coconut Sweet Potato

And with apologies from the photographer who didn’t know how to use her phone camera, here’s a slide show of the event.

[portfolio_slideshow id=1572]

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