What will you notice? Camera Exportation with Sophia Wheelwright.

(Sophia Wheelwright will be offering two day course on Camera Exploration during the first week of Hillside’s Summer Discovery Program. Registration deadline is fast upon us, so don’t forget to sign up by April 30th. For more information and the necessary forms, please click HERE)

Everyone notices different things.

I believe that our becoming aware that WHAT we see is uniquely US is an energizing way to learn to use ourselves in the world wherever that may be: singing, dancing, writing, creating objects, any creative projects, even creating companies! Noticing is a muscle – the more we use it the more we see. And it can be FUN!



In my creative work, I’ve been collecting and making objects for years as well as using them to engage others in the often overlooked resource of JUST LOOKING.

So this workshop uses a few exercises and camera’s to help us capture what we notice. We will explore with camera – bring whatever you have – camera phone or otherwise and the cords to load it on to a computer. If not, I will have a camera to share.

We will explore with our eyes, look at what we’ve seen and assemble them into a 3D sculpture that you will take home to remind you of what YOU are drawn to.
A great project that you can continue at home!

Come so you can walk outside (shoes and warmth or dry gear depending on the weather).

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