This Summer – All The World’s A Stage……

at least for two weeks during Hillside Summer Discovery Program.

Join Jean and Andy for two weeks of drama: improv, games, theatre sports, scene work and more.

The Improv Group 2011

Discover acting secrets – how to laugh without laughing gas, to cry without onions.

Create your own short plays. Rehearse and perform scenes from classic theatre. Explore characters of depth and complexity. Visit the balconies of Verona, the avenues of Paris, the back alleys of London and the mean streets of New York. What is the meaning of life? The secret of happiness? The recipe for Coca Cola? Drama camp will answer these questions and others that have long puzzled humanity.

Our two week session will culminate with a free-wheeling evening performance, during which all we’ve discovered will be revealed to an invited audience of family, friends, and acquaintances.

Registration for Hillside’s Summer Discovery Program
closes April 30th. Don’t miss out! For more information and the necessary forms, please click HERE

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