Technical Difficulties

As you may have noticed, the giving today has been too big and crashed the GiveBIG Donation website!

The GiveBIG team at the Seattle Foundation wrote: Due to the high volume of generosity for GiveBIG, we are experiencing some technical issues. Our technology partners are working on a resolution. We will post updates as they are available. These issues are also having an impact on your reporting and totals on the site.

Please encourage donors to wait and give later on today if possible. We are working on an update for non-profits to help answer these questions. Thank you for your patience!

I will send you any further updates as we have them, including the site being back up or an extension of the time to give. 

I will keep you updated with further information!

Although you can’t donate to GiveBIG, the CustomInk site is still working, though, so feel free to bide your  time by ordering Hillside T-Shirts!
(Brown, short-sleeved)
(Green, short-sleeved)
(Brown, long-sleeved)

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