GiveBIG and Represent

Three Things!

Thing One:GiveBigLogo_ICON

Only twenty-four hours are left to GiveBIG to Hillside!

So far, we have several generous donations from members of our Community, but not a large number of donors. By tomorrow night we hope that your name is added to the list!

Any donation amount will increase the amount of stretch funds we receive from The Seattle Foundation. This is your chance to make your gift grow. You can donate to Hillside and any other organization participating in GiveBIG in one transaction, but the time is running out. At 11:59 p.m., the chance is gone. Please consider taking a few moments and a few dollars to help us develop our physical spaces further.


Thing Two:

Hillside Represent! We have a new T-shirt design and several buying options.

Unlike Café Press, CustomInk ships all items to the organization, which allows all students to get their new Hillside shirts at the same time! Students can also bring home shirts for family members, and any other community member can also purchase the new shirts.

This particular design will only be available for order through May 16th, so make sure to order before time runs out.

To buy more than one type of shirt, you will have to visit each link separately, but the orders should all arrive together in late May.

(Brown, short-sleeved)
(Green, short-sleeved)
(Brown, long-sleeved)

Thing Three:

IMG_5824Final Open House on Thursday

Please join us to welcome new Hillside families and to eat delectable pies made (at least many of them!) by Hillside Community members! In fact, if you would like to volunteer a pie or other tasty treat, please contact Joel. The Open House will be from 6:30-8:30 p.m., and we always have a good time!

Thank you so much for your attention—and if you think of it this week, celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with a note to a favorite teacher, past or present.
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