GiveBIG 2016

As your friends with students at other schools frantically plan auctions or pound the pavement to sell some sort of food, don’t you breathe a sigh of relief that you have a student at Hillside? We understand your time is valuable and that each member of our community has different commitments. This means that our fundraising is voluntary, and does not require any sort of costume or even leaving the house!

For the third year, Hillside is joining other area non-profits for the Seattle Foundation’s annual GiveBIG Fundraiser. We are planning to use our GiveBIG funds to continue the development of our physical spaces here on campus.

Number of Donors Counts
Every donation (small or large) qualifies us for MORE money from the Seattle GiveBigLogo_ICONFoundation, which gives “stretch” funds for each non-profit based on the number of donors as well as the amount of the donation. This means that every donation helps us earn stretch funds, no matter what the amount is.

Give Early!
While May 3 is THE DAY for GiveBIG, this year you can donate early, freeing you of the time-pressure of remembering on the actual day! Starting today, 4/18, you may give your gift and have it count for our GiveBIG donation. Not only will this lessen the pressure on May 3rd, but it should help nudge others to remember their gift as well.

More than Hillside!
This year you can donate to multiple non-profits through one transaction, instead of making individual gifts to each. This should streamline your time as you give to Hillside as well as other favorite organizations.

While we do not have an auction, we do have chances to gather at our Open Houses. This year’s final Open House is on May 5th, two days after GiveBIG. We would love for you to join us to meet new students and their families as well as celebrating this year’s GiveBIG campaign.


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