Guess Who’s in the Kitchen with Anne?

“Give a man a fish and he won’t starve for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he won’t starve for his entire life.” – Chinese Proverb

One of last year’s favorite camp experiences was the week of cooking with Anne Kiemle.  We are thrilled that she is going to share her expertise and her kitchen once again!   Anne’s cooking class will run from July 16 through the 20th.  For more information about the Hillside Summer Discovery Program and to register, please click HERE.

Last year's crew enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Why Teach Kids to Cook?

Cooking is a life skill. (Everybody needs to eat!) Teaching kids where food comes from, how to prepare it and sharing meals together creates a powerful understanding of stewardship for the earth, appreciation for its bounty and the work (and fun!) involved in getting it from field to table.

Cooking and baking are kinesthetic. Kids learn by doing. Shopping, reading recipes, and making food are about as hands-on as it gets. They are also practical – these are skills people use daily. After a few lessons on the basics of preparing foods such as muffins, jam, bread, soup, salad, and even more challenging foods such as spanakopita, young cooks are ready and eager to help with home meals, bake for friends and family, and more!

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