A Hearty Congratulations to Alex Nolan, Hillside Senior!

We are delighted to announce that Alex Nolan, a Hillside senior, was accepted into Pomona College last December, and has accepted Pomona’s offer for her to enroll next fall in the class of 2016.  Alex applied to Pomona, her top college choice,

"super excited" after finding out she got into Pomona

through the Early Decision admissions process, in which students agree to attend at the institution if accepted.  In accepting Pomona’s offer, she withdrew her applications from other colleges to which she applied, as well as from the Johnston Center Special Honors Program at the University of Redlands, where she was recognized with an Achievement Award and designated a Presidential Scholar by their admissions’ committee.

So why Pomona?  Alex’s passions — acting, writing, literature, and sciences (especially Biology and Sustainability) — are celebrated strengths of Pomona’s program.  In addition, because Pomona is one of the five Claremont colleges, students who attend any one of the Claremont colleges have access to the courses at the other four, which opens a wide spectrum of classes to her.  Alex smilingly admits that Pomona’s central California location, complete with palm trees and endless sunshine, as well as the “awesome cafeteria food” available at each of the five Claremont campuses “didn’t hurt her decision to apply…” but she emphatically reiterates that she is most excited about the variety of activities that will be available to her, such as Pomona’s extensive study abroad program and participating in their zany drama productions.

With only 15% of all applicants accepted, admittance into Pomona is an honor in itself.  We heartily congratulate Alex, whose enthusiasm and wholehearted dedication to her studies has both served her well at Hillside and will hold her in good stead in the years to come.  In our humble opinion, Pomona College is exceedingly lucky to have her on board!

To see a little of Alex in action, click [popup-slideshow id=641 text=”HERE”]

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