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Student Achievements

Hillside family!  We have some exciting news to share with you!  Bellevue College recently selected Amelia’s art to be installed as a mural on their campus.  Amazing news, right?  Amelia is currently a senior at Hillside and is expected to graduate in June.  Her art design was inspired by a quote from the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, who reminded her of the interconnectedness between students around the globe and the power of education.  The goal of the artwork, as Amelia explains, highlights the themes of diversity and social justice around the Bellevue College campus.
Below is the statement she wrote along with her submission of the design:
“My design is inspired by a quote from Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Annan (1938-2018) who famously said that ‘Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating.  Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.’
This quote speaks to the invaluable presence of students from all families and backgrounds on campus at Bellevue College, as well as the institution’s dedication to providing accessible education to better our world and deepen our understanding of each other.  Annan emphasizes the importance of our schools in society, in that students will guide us toward a better future.
I hope my work of art will encourage fellow students to not only be empowered by their education, but also value the diversity of Bellevue College and their peers on campus.”  Amelia is excited to continue her love of drawing and her passion for language-learning at the University of Washington (UW).  She was awarded the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship by UW to continue her Farsi studies.  She hopes to cultivate a career in the Seattle area and run a business for her art.  We are incredibly excited for what the future holds for Amelia and are so happy to see her in a role perfectly suited for her strengths and passions.

Spring Break

Just a reminder spring break is April 11-15 this year.  Make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation so we can push through the last months of the school year strong.

History Feast

On April 30, 2022, Hillside will again bend the rules of time and space to bring notably historical figures to life and together for the annual History Feast! This year will feature a myriad of personalities from the last four hundred years of Modern World History. Keep an eye on your email for further information regarding this amazing event.

Birthdays, Birthdays!

Happy April birthday to Sam!  May your day be filled with cake and lots of fun.

Spring Electives

Upper school electives begin Thursday, May 5.  This year these classes alternate between Tuesday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  Drama (play production), however, meets every class day.
When selecting an elective, we ask students to consider these courses as an opportunity to try a new area or to further develop an earlier skill.  If a student chooses an independent study, they will need to check in periodically with a teacher to discuss their goals and their progress.  Electives are usually graded pass/fail unless strong, extra effort merits another option.
Please know that we do our very best to give all of our students their top choices.  We initially offered thirteen possible options for electives this spring.  We were able to narrow the list down to six options.
OPTION 1: Drama with Jean (M-F)
OPTION 2: Bouldering at Edgeworks Bellevue with Wis and Julie (T/Th fee of $100)**
OPTION 3: Forestry with Kalan (T/Th)
OPTION 4: Sewing with Leslie (M/W/F)
OPTION 5: Probability and Poke with Wis (M/W/F)
OPTION 6: Robotics and Computer Science with Julie (M/W/F fee of $150)**
**Please note that students wishing to participate in electives that require external fees or additional supplies must provide Hillside with a check no later than Friday, April 20. You can mail the check to the school or have your student drop it off.**


Events Calendar

Friday, April 1
D&D – 3:20-4:45
Monday, April 4
Art Club – 3:20-4:45
Tuesday, April 5
Fencing – CANCELED
Wednesday April 6
Fencing – 3:20-4:50
Thursday, April 7
Open House – 7:00-8:30
Friday, April 8
Monday, April 11-15
Monday, April 18
Art Club – 3:20-4:45
Tuesday, April 19
Fencing – 3:20-4:50
Thursday, April 21
Fencing – 3:20-4:50
Friday, April 22
D&D – 3:20-4:45
Monday, April 25
Art Club – 3:20-4:45
Tuesday, April 26
Fencing – 3:20-4:50
Thursday, April 28
Fencing – 3:20-4:50
Friday, April 29
D&D – 3:20-4:45
Saturday, April 30
History Feast
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