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Online Learning Adjusted Schedule

Thank you all for your patience, support, and feedback as we work to better adapt to the necessity of online school. Here’s the schedule (already sent out by Lizeth) we will be following.

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Survey Results

Like all other schools, we are striving to build meaningful learning while not in the classroom. Based on the responses to our parent/student surveys, we are (as you know) moving to four days of synchronous learning, and one day of asynchronous learning. This means that Wednesdays students are expected to check in with each class, but can structure their work time individually during the day. Additionally, we are shortening class time on regular days. Each morning class will be five minutes shorter to allow a stretch break before the next one. Our afternoon blocks will also be shorter to help limit fatigue. Please let us know your additional feedback!

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Live Theater in the Time of Social Distancing

Where will you be on Friday, April 10th at 7:30 p.m.? Chances are, you will be home—which means you are set up perfectly to be the audience for our play!
This spring we have all been forced to reimagine what “normal” looks like. Staying at home to help lessen the risks of the pandemic can be isolating, but art and performance can still bring us together. Rather than cancel the traditional play, Jean, Leslie, and Sigrid have reimagined what live theater can be. We will still be mounting a live production of “Grimm Tales,” but as a live readers theater with visuals created by Leslie from the students’ artwork.
Look for the link to the Zoom webinar that we will be sending out as the performance approaches!

Set_1Red_Cottage Ext_FrancesPuppet_3GG_Dummling_Rhosey

Seattle Girls Choir

The organization that 8th grader Frances sings with, Seattle Girls Choir, recently posted a stunning performance rehearsed and performed remotely from each other. We are lucky that we have the technology to remain connected with each other, and even produce are together, even when physically distanced. https://www.king5.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/seattle-girls-choir-performs-online-amid-coronavirus/281-5742a7bb-7814-40e2-8595-e92c82cd1cc3

Spring Electives

Our choices for electives are out! Upper School students, please make sure to respond to Lizeth’s message with your ranking 1-4 of your elective preferences. Complete descriptions are in the message from Lizeth.
OPTION A: Envisioning the Future (with Laura)
OPTION B: Learning Strategy in Go and Chess (co-taught – Wis and Julie)
OPTION C: The Illustrated Story (with Leslie)
OPTION D: Computer Science (with Julie)
OPTION E: Drama (with Jean)
OPTION F: Introduction to Classical Greek (independent study with support from Kael)
OPTION G: Science Experiment (independent study with support from Laura)
OPTION H: Independent Project or Class with Teacher Advisor

Online Resources

If you or your student is at loose ends, here are a few  options to help alleviate boredom. Please reach out if you are looking for something else! (online resources)

Monster Mash

The high school biology students created monsters by flipping coins to determine genetic traits, then modeling meiosis and chromosome separation and fertilization to make baby monsters.  They drew pictures of their monster families.

Events Calendar

(This is updated based on information as of 3/31/2020. Please double-check closer to the event to make sure information is accurate)
Wednesday, April 1
Block IIIB Begins
Monday, April 6
History Feast Rehearsal—3:00 p.m.
Friday, April 10
Drama Performance: Grades 5-8 Production—7:30 p.m.
Monday, April 13-Friday, April 17
No School—Spring Break
Thursday, April 16
Virtual Open House—7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, April 22
History Feast Rehearsal—3:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 25
History Feast Rehearsal—2:00 p.m.
Monday, April 27
Possible First Day Back
History Feast Rehearsal—2:00 p.m.
Hillside Atelier—3:00 p.m.
Games Club—3:00 p.m.
Wednesday, April 29
PSAT 10 Testing—8:00 a.m.
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