Teacher Appreciation Day Today + GiveBIG Tomorrow

Usually the phrase “Teacher Appreciation” means families and communities demonstrating their appreciation for teachers.


I absolutely encourage that! In fact, a donation to Hillside as part of GiveBIG would be appreciated.
However, this year, I’m looking at Teacher Appreciation differently. I’m asking, “As a teacher, what do I appreciate?”

Appreciation for Teaching:

  • The willingness of students to engage with class activities, share their thoughts, and grow
  • How funny my students are–I cannot think of a single day of teaching without at least one hearty bout of laughter
  • Fresh minds and eyes keep mine fresh too–No matter how many times I have read a book or a poem, my students will find new things and enrich my experience
  • Working with people who care deeply about helping students develop who they are and what they can do

Appreciation for Teaching at Hillside:

  • Small classes promote close connection between students and teachers–each student is an integral part of the class, and students learn to work together and support each other
  • I can pay great attention to the work and progress of each student
  • Passionate colleagues who care deeply about both their subject areas and life beyond the classroom
  • The verdant forest and clean air cradling Hillside
  • Hillside is a choice; each student here demonstrates the trust you place in us
I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and please know that I feel lucky to be a part of the Hillside Community. If you have things that you appreciate about Hillside or our staff, please let me know!
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