Now More Than Ever

160x600_GIVEBIG-PROMO-NPIn 2017 many Americans are thinking about our culture and future in new ways. Here at Hillside we are too, and we all feel grateful to be part of a small, caring community that helps support each other as we try, fail, learn, grow, and succeed.

One of Hillside’s biggest strengths, our small class sizes, puts us at a disadvantage when considering improvements and additions to our school. Many other private schools with the same classroom space and number of staff would have 30 to 50% more students per class, and a commensurately larger amount of funding. We have no plans to change our commitment to small, individualized learning, but this point of comparison is an essential one to consider.

Of course the financial commitment of tuition is significant, and for many families that is the limit of what they can contribute, but even small donations can combine to make big changes. Additionally, please pass on our GiveBIG information to your family and friends who might be interested in supporting Hillside. Early giving starts 4/27, and I will hit you with that link once it starts.

Thank you for reading this, and please contact me with any questions!


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