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Top Ten

Every day when I get to school, I pause to breathe the forest air and listen to the birds. Mornings on Hillside’s campus are always peaceful; I am lucky to work in a beautiful place with fascinating students. Since the school is so small, not everyone knows how special this place is, but that may be changing. According to Niche.com’s recent rankings of the best private high schools in Washington, we are among the top ten. Thank you for helping to make our community the supportive and individual place that it is.

Inspired by Niche.com’s Top Ten, here is my own!

Top Ten Things Bowl Me Over about Hillside.

10. The smell of the damp forest air
9.  Kael bellowing “time for claaaaaaassss”
8.  Students who make projects their own
7.  Student discussions at lunch
6.  Learning about new things from each student
5.  Seeing the art Kathy helps the students create
4.  My students make me laugh (with them!)
3.  How much parents care about their kids’ development as people, not just as students
2.  Philosophical discussions in the kitchen with other staff
1.  The birdsong outside my classroom all day, every day

Do you have a Top Ten (or even a Top Three)? Email me (sigrid@hillsidesc.org) and let me know!



GiveBIG 6 days away

On Tuesday, May 5, we hope that you can take the time to donate, even a small amount, to Hillside. The Seattle Foundation will give us some “stretch funds” based on the number and amount of donations given from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on 5/5.

We will use this money to continue to spruce up our physical space. You have all seen the amazing transformations effected by Monique last year, and we would love to find out what else she can do!

Additionally, please remind your student that we have a bowling party (free shoe rental and game!) after school on that day.

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