Congratulations Danny, Kevin, and Matt!

Danny Riesco

Danny_editedThis summer, as most, I’m going to visit Spain and bum around there, along with fellow student Paul Pfenning who’ll drop by from his Italy trip. For once, however, I won’t just be staying in the north for a while. After Paul leaves, my family and I will visit the south of Spain, wherein we’ll rent a house for a couple weeks. Next year I’ll be attending the UW, and while I’m not too sure on what I’ll be studying, I’m aiming for a business major.

Kevin Mills


In the summer I will be taking calc III at Bellevue College. In the fall I will head to Reed College in Portland, Oregon. I plan to study creative writing but will probably major in philosophy or sociology.

Matt Coopersmith

Matt_editedI’m excited to be attending Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington this fall. I’m not sure what major I will choose, but I’m interested in mathematics, computer science, and physics. This summer I’m going back to Japan for another adventure. I’ll be there for five weeks. For the first month I’ll be homestaying in Kobe, Japan taking Japanese classes and touring around the city, and for the remaining week, I’ll be traveling up to Tokyo, Japan to meet my Japanese friends there and explore. When I return to America, I’m going on a white water rafting trip with some fellow Whitman classmates before heading off to school.

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