An Early Review of the Smash Hit “Twelfth Night”

Were you lucky enough to be in the audience for this short engagement?  Add your review by clicking on the  link comment to the left!

My husband and I were lucky enough to be in the audience of your 5th and 6th grade presentation of Twelfth Night last evening and it was outstanding! We were impressed with absolutely everything from the multi-media presentation to the absolute mastery the actors had of their lines. They not only knew their lines but they totally sold Twelfth Night as the farce that it is!!! What was even more impressive than knowing their lines and nailing the comedy was, clearly, how much fun they were having!!

We were lucky enough to turn around at just the moment the director was giving the kids a well earned “thumbs up”………….and the look of joy and absolute pride on his face in what they had just accomplished was something I will always remember. These kids are fortunate to work with not just a gifted artist but an amazing teacher!

As season ticket holders at several Seattle theaters, I have to say, I can’t remember when we’ve enjoyed ourselves more!!!!! Thank you for a thoroughly, wonderful evening!

Kath Bemis/Don Blair

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