Light, Music, Dancing, and Games at Hillside’s Yule Ball

December’s Yule Ball was a delightful celebration full of light, music, dancing, and games, both for current students and their guests.  We are grateful to Seniors Alex Nolan and Riley Miller who organized students and parents to send out invitations, to decorate the upper school with festive lights, and to feed us a feast of meats, cheeses, crackers, cookies, and more.  Everyone came dressed in holiday best and wearing masks that made one feel as if we were at the Carnival in Venice.  Kevin Mills played enchanting and contemplative music on his beautiful harp.  Kathy Frugé-Brown taught and called contra-dances and kept us laughing and lively throughout the evening.  We jigged around to the Eastern European twang of klezmer bands in a wild game of musical chairs—and, in a limbo challenge, Isabel Wallace and Jack Alford flexed further below that broomstick than anyone else.  After some final notes from the harp and a few more dance steps, everyone pitched in to clean up before taking off for the winter vacation.  The entire evening was a joy and a pleasure.


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