A Hillside Update from Kael

Snow began falling on Sunday up at Hillside, continued through Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and built up to six enchanting inches on Tuesday.  Today (Wednesday the 18th) the powder has been piling up all day to well over a foot.  After my morning run (yes, I’m crazy), I took an afternoon stroll through the woods to catch some photos of them—and as Frost says, they “were lovely, dark, and deep”.

The cedars and hemlocks drape down in tents around their trunks, white cushions soften the benches in the garden and the chair in the field, icicles fringe the gym roof, and the mossy maples reach like green and white candelabras for the sky.  I’m very tempted to take my sled and hike high up Cougar Mountain to slide a mile and a half down its trails—but there might be school tomorrow, and I have “miles to go before I sleep”.  I hope to see you soon.

Warm blessings to you all.


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