Hillside’s Stage Shines with As You Like It – June 16 -18

We’ve set the Hillside production of AS YOU LIKE IT in the proximate 30s. The action in the original careens between a French city and the pastoral forest of Arden.  In our production, the city is an eastern U.S. metropolis, and our countryside exists somewhere in pastoral Appalachia.  In this world, between mobsters and moonshiners, we find our banished lovers searching for love and restoration.

Rosalind, considered by scholar Harold Bloom to be among Shakespeare’s greatest and most fully realized female characters, leads us on a delightful gender-bending romp through a pastoral setting in which love can’t help but blossom with the coming Spring.

You will definitely want to join us for the fun.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.

And don’t forget to go to get your show memorabilia and other Hillside goodies at our very own Hillside Shop! All proceeds go to support Hillside programs.

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