Hillside: rated one of the Top Ten best private high schools of Washington State by niche.com in 2016

Whether tackling a difficult physics problem, parsing a monologue from Shakespeare, or producing a stop action animation that goes viral on YouTube, our students balance their hard work with a sense of humor and joyful curiosity. They write with fluency, power and imagination. Our graduates consistently win awards, earn high scores on SATs, and are accepted into top tier colleges and universities.

Here are few highlights:

Biology, Art, and 1000 Seedlings


The 9th -12th grade biology and art students headed east of the Cascades to participate in an experimental restoration of Garry oak seedlings. They went for hikes, played Bananagrams, Apples to Apples, Texas Hold Em, and role playing games in addition to a treat of hot tubbing after dinner! The next day they were off to work in the rain at the nearby Swauk Valley Ranch. To read more, click HERE.

Hillside’s Arduino Club

Matt_Brad_WebIn Hillside’s Arduino Club, members learn the basics of computer programming and a bit of electronics through a projects-oriented approach. They write firmware using the powerful Arduino platform to control simple circuits, using a microcontroller much like those present in every day electronic gadgets such as remote controls, cell phones and digital cameras. To read more, click HERE

Animated Filmmaking

Jan_shooting600x400Animated filmmaking has been a tradition at Hillside for many years. Our student animators use classic techniques to produce their own stop-motion films, assembling photographic stills into claymations, pixillations, and drawn animations. Working in this labor-intensive medium teaches collaboration and planning—and it’s also a lot of fun! We’re proud of the humor, originality, and hard work that go into our students’ films. To read more, click HERE

Hillside in Europe

notre-dame1-600x400Every three years, Jean and Kael lead a group of Hillside Upper School students on a guided two-week tour of London and Paris.These two great cities provide unrivaled opportunities for exploration and discovery. To read more, click HERE

Community Service


Community plays a large role in a Hillside education. We believe that a strong, supportive community helps students make ethical choices and develop their own unique gifts. To read more, click HERE

The History Feast

History-Feast-2013-nice_WebEvery May, the high school history class performs a meeting of minds. This is a dramatic presentation of characters from history that the students have chosen to research. They tell their life stories, engage in a conversation written by the students, and answer questions from the audience. To read more, click HERE.