Unit 6: Trigonometric Functions of Angles

6.1 Trigonometric Functions of Acute Angles

This section is mostly review from geometry. The secant and cosecant functions might be new. Read this section and complete the following assignment. I’m not going to be posting videos for this section since it is review.


6.2 Algebra and the Trigonometric Functions

 Video 1 Algebra involving trig functions


 Video 2 Some basic, right triangle identities

 Quiz 6.2 (Let’s shoot for Tuesday, 3/9/2014):

  • Basic right triangle identities: See pink, summary box on page 438.

 Assignment 6.2

  • p.442 5,7,9,13-29 odd,35-43 odd,47,49,53,55

Assignment 6.3

  • p. 9,15,17,25,27,31

Quiz Friday

Table of Trig Function Values for Special angles, p. 430

6.3 Unit Circle Trigonometry

 Video 3 Unit Circle Definition of Trig Functions

 Video 4

Assignment 6.4

  • p.469; 1,5,7,9-11,15,17,29-37 odd,41,43,47
  • p.470; 59 (a) Do this without a calculator. See how much you can do in your head.
  • p.471; 63, 64

6.5 Trigonometric Identities

 Video 5: Examples and Strategies

Assignment 6.5

  • p.477; 1,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,24,35
  • Honors: p.479; #50