Hillside Physics


Assignment 9/5/2012: Carefully read up to page 11 of the first chapter.

Assignment 9/6/2012: Finish the Sig-figs and Percent Uncertainty packet on Engine Rebuilding if you did not finish in class: Note- I may not have been clear about when I wanted this turned in or that it was actually an assignment… It is! Lets say it is due on Wednesday if I have not gotten it from you yet.

Watch this video and answer the questions at the end…Because it is so tough, there is no due date set for this yet. It will probably be around Monday, September 17th.


Assignment 9/10/2012 Page 16 in your textbook problems 1-3, 5,6,8. Due 9/11/2012

Here is a video that will show you how to find a very good online resource (khanacademy.org) for practicing sig-figs and just about any other mathematical concept. If you think it is helpful, consider getting a login and adding me as your coach (explained in the video). So here is that video:

…have you heard? Vi Hart is working for Khanacademy now! What? You’ve never heard of Vi Hart? Here is the first video of hers that I ever saw:

Assignment 9/11/2012: Page 17 in your textbook problem: 24,25,26,28,32,33

Assignment 9/14/2012: Page 38 Questions 1-4, Page 39 Problems 3-8, 10

Assignment 9/17/2012: Page 38 Questions 5-11, Problems 16,17,19

Assignment 9/18/2012: Page 40 Problems 21-27 odd

Assignment 9/19/2012 Finish Prelab questions. If you did your lab today (Paul, Jan) your lab is due Next Wed.

Assignment 9/20/2012: Carefully Read up to Section 2-7 in the Text Book. If you did your lab today (Isabel, Rosie, Cooper) your lab is due Next Thurs.

Assignment: 9/21/2012: Page 40 Problems 28, 29, 36, 37, 41.

Assignment: 9/24/2012: Finish up assignment from Friday. It is a good idea to start thinking about preparing for the test. I would like to have the test on Thursday or Friday. I will hand out a practice test on Tuesday afternoon.

Test on Chapters 1-2: 10/1/2012

Chapter 3

Assignment: 10/2/2012 :

 -Read through section 3-3 (Pages 45-49)

-Answer questions (not “problems”) #1-7 on page 65. Feel free to use short hand, incomplete sentences and such. Just make sure your ideas are conveyed clearly.

-Check your understanding of scaling vectors by going to this swanky Khan Academy exercise set. Log in (have a g-mail login? Then it is easy). If you have not done so already, add me as your coach. See the above video that shows you how to do this (Fast forward to the 6 minute mark because the beginning is about finding sig fig exercises). This is part of your homework. If you don’t add me as a coach before you complete the exercises, then you have not done the assignment.

-Play around with this applet that I found: Verify that the tail to tip method works by adding some vectors and then dragging them into the tail to tip configuration and seeing the resultant. Try to emulate the vector sum from figure 3-5 on page 45 as a starting point. Here is the applet:

Today during class I digressed a little and started talking about Pythagoras. I promised to post a link. Here it is:


Assignment 10/3/2012: Read through section 3-4 (p. 49 – p.53); Questions 5-9 (p. 65); Problems 1-3, 7-8

Assignment: 10/16/2012 : Problems 38,39,44 (p. 68) Make sure that you have carefully read and understood the entire chapter. If you have not, do so!

Assignment: 10/17/2012: Problems 57,  67 (Hint: They give you the time and horizontal component of displacement. From this you can find the horizontal component of velocity (how is Vx defined?). For Vy, notice that you have all of the information that you need and more… you do not need to know the time. Also you might want to review some simpler projectile motion problems for 66). Problem 57 is a relative velocity problem. If you need some help with relative velocity problems (and even if you don’t) watch this video:

Assignment Thursday, Nov 1st: Page 97: Questions 1-10. You may use shorthand, and incomplete sentences.Essentially, readable notes about your answers. Page 98: Problems 1,4,5,6

Assignment: Tuesday, Nov 5th: Predict the magnitude and direction of the third force needed to cancel the first two forces from the “force table” demonstration (The method is outlined on the handout from class.)

Assignment: Tuesday, Nov 6th: Read through page 89. Do questions: Page 97, # 11-19 If you did not finish the force table problem, keep trying. If I remember you should find the third force at an angle of about 88 degrees…Sorry, I do not remember the exact number.

Assignment: Thurs Nov 15: Read pages 94 through 96 (I said 95 in class, but page 96 has some very good advice on problem-solving strategy).  Also: problem 50 on page 102. Hint: Although we did not include a discussion of friction today, remember that if you can find the normal force and you know the “mu”, then you can compute the maximum force exerted by static friction. So for which driveways (read the problem) will the force exerted by friction be less than the component of gravitational force along the plane (the x-component)?

Assignment: Tuesday, Nov 20 Page 102, number 55. The following video might be helpful: