Fish Simulator

Fish Simulator: Final tasks.

Now that you have finished building your fish simulator, wrap up the project by completing these tasks.

  1. Document your code.
    • include a short comment explaining the purpose of all data attributes.
    • All methods should include the following:
      • summary of purpose
      • Input:type and maybe of summary of use-scenario
      • Output: type and maybe summary of use-scenario
  2. Write a function called Problem_1 that runs a simulation for 365 days. This function should return a list of fish populations corresponding to each day.
  3. write a function called problem_2 that uses pyplot to graph the population as a function of time.
  4. Write a function called problem_3 that computes the average daily population over the course of a ‘year’.
  5. Write a function called problem_4 that computes the standard deviation of the daily population (Feel free to ask me for help with the math here.)
  6. Try to vary the initial conditions of your tank and your fish attributes to decrease the standard deviation. What adjustments seem to decrease it? What changes cause it to increase? What are the corresponding changes in the graph?