Climbing Club

Who is offering this club?

I (Bradley Lignoski) have been climbing rocks for about ten years. I have “put up” multiple new routes in Index, Washington and traveled the US, Canada and Mexico, honing my skills. My favorite climbing destinations include Joshua Tree National Park, Smith Rocks Oregon, and of course, the best crag on earth, Index Washington.

I was the the vice president and then eventually the president of my college’s out door club, where I organized trips , secured funding and taught climbing and mountain biking skills to club members. I also led a couple of successful Hillside climbing electives over the past few years.

What is being offered?

I am offering to provide transportation to the climbing gym, Seattle Bouldering Project and instruction to students who are interested in taking their climbing to the next level. The club will have an informal feel. If students want to train hard and focus on improvement, I can help them to do that with a focus on avoiding training injuries that are common to climbers. If, instead, students just want to relax and enjoy climbing, I will offer them a supportive, pressure-free environment.

For now, the plan is to go to the gym once per week. Initially, this should be enough. In a couple of months, the students will probably have gained enough experience and strength to handle multiple sessions per week and we will reassess interest in adding a second day.

The next step: Please take the survey.

One possible road bump for getting our group into a regular time slot at the climbing gym is that the gym has multiple other groups meeting at that time. They have plenty of space but not enough shoe rentals. For this reason our students will be strongly encouraged to buy their own climbing shoes. This is actually a really good idea anyway. Feel free to ask me for tips about climbing shoe purchases.

If your child is interested in climbing with this club, please fill out the survey below. Hillside students tend to be very busy and I need to try to figure out when the best day would be for everyone.

Lastly, I have not mentioned cost yet because I need to make an estimate based on the number of students who are seriously interested. Please only fill out the form if you think that your child is very likely to attend assuming that your schedule is compatible with the day that I end up picking.