Algebra II

This series of videos should help you make sense of the very abstract assignment that we ran out of time for in class. They do not cover all of the topics addressed by your assignment, distribution for example, but they should help you to answer several of the questions and we can cover everything else in class on Monday. Enjoy…

Wed 9/12/2012 Homework: page 48, 19-27 odd. Due 9/13/2012  Remember that the answers in the back might look different than what you are getting. If this is so, try simplifying your answer to see if you get what they do. If that does not work, make sure you ask me about it in class.

10/18/2012 Assignment p. 144: 1-11 odd, 25,27,29-37 odd. This video should help with the lat couple of problems…

Assignment: Nov 5 -Page 181, Optional-> O.E. (any that you need to practice)

Not optional-> Written Exercises: 9,11 (use positive factors to make GCF and LCM),