Intermediate Computer Science

New Online Text:

In this course, we’ll be using an interactive text called “Interactive Python”.

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Assignment 1: Review

In this assignment you will read review material, run sample code and complete many exercises dealing with the following topics:

  • Iteration using for loops
  • Iteration using while loops
  • Using the random module
  • Image processing  using the python image module (you have never seen this before!)
  • Hiding messages inside image files as variations of pixel hue. (This is not in the book. we will cover this in class)

Start at the first section of the section titled “More About Iteration”.


Image processing Project:

Download this zipped folder and extract it where you would like your project to be.



You will be editing the file in the folder called secret_message.

Caution: Do not remove anything from the unzipped folder.


Police Department Incident Response Graphs:

Download this zipped file and open it in the same directory as the police response data file that I recently shared with you.



Stats Project

In this project you will focus on developing algorithms that sort and search lists as well as compute the mean, median and modes of lists containing numbers.

Download and unzip the assignment: