Learn French at Hillside!

Hillside Student Community School, grades 5 – 12, is pleased to announce a new opportunity for French speaking students.  Twice a week, in teacher led sessions, francophone students are invited to converse in French about various topics (cultural and personal) as well as to watch, discuss and write about excerpts from French TV news, documentaries and movies.  Good weather will find us playing ‘Pétanque’ and other French games in the Hillside woods, and taking field trips to visit nearby French bakeries. 

This offering enriches our program for our fluent French students by keeping their skills intact, as well as our French learning students, who profit from communicating with French speakers of different backgrounds and ages.  We are excited to incorporate these sessions into our program going forward.

For more information, you are welcome to attend Hillside’s Open House Thursday, January 26, or contact Karen Chartier, Hillside’s French teacher.

Meilleures salutations,

Karen Chartier