I-Search WebQuest – Resources


I Search Paper Resources

I solemnly swear that I will not blindly trust what I find on the internet.
To research this project, you will need to turn in at least three sets of Cornell Notes, including the full web address on any online resources. If you mention a source or information from the source in your paper, you will need to cite where it came from—we will work on how!
Books, magazines, or newspapers
You can take Cornell Notes on part of or one section of published works like those above

Interviewing people is fine! However, you must keep track of who you spoke with and the date. If an interview is one of your sets of Cornell Notes, make sure to take notes or record the interview as it happens.
You can also design a survey about your topic and give it to many people, then write about your own thoughts based on the results.

You can use the Internet—but start developing smart research habits.

Have a clear goal, dig to see if your source seems reliable, and avoid the three worst pitfalls of Internet research (rabbit holes, scanning a million sites for a few seconds each, finding inappropriate content). To get full credit for your Cornell Notes, you must include the entire web address so I can check your notes.
I recommend using the following links to search so you are more likely to get reliable and appropriate information.