I-Search WebQuest – Process (Results)


Part 3: Results—What I Have Learned

This section finally allows you to focus on what you have learned as a result of completing your product.

What findings or conclusions have you arrived at?

What sources have you used to come to these conclusions?

You need to be sure to cite your sources here! Be careful to connect what you have learned to the question(s) you posed in the first section of your paper. You might use comparison/contrast, pro/con, cause/effect, or sequencing as formats to demonstrate your analysis.
  • After doing the product, I discovered that…
  • I was correct in thinking that…
  • I was confused or mistaken about…

Be certain to cite your sources correctly. Direct quotes must ALWAYS be in quotation marks.

You should try to use a minimum of three reliable sources. Personal interviews do count as sources.

This should be the longest section of your paper.


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