I-Search WebQuest – Process (Research)


Part 2—Research—My Search Process

As you research, you should TAKE CORNELL NOTES on at least three sources—you will turn
them in as part of Part 5 of your paper.
In this section, you will describe your actual research “journey.” You will need to describe the sequence of steps that you go through as you research your topic, on your way to writing your final.
You might talk about what sources you begin with, how these help or not, new sources as you find them, what new questions crop up as you learn more, and what frustrations you encounter along the way. 
This is also the section where you talk about the help and assistance that you get from others, i.e. primary sources: mentors and other people you interview.
You should explain your research methods and actually talk about specific sites and sources. Be sure to include your reflections in this section.
  • Explain your research methods and include specific sites
  • Tell about the primary sources/people you interviewed
  • Express your successes, failures, and feelings as you researched
  • When I went to the library, I looked at…
  • On the Internet using Sigrid’s links, I found three articles that…
  • I interviewed someone and...
  • I soon found that…
In order to complete this section, you will need to write about/take notes of your process as you go. Failure to do so will make this section very difficult to do well. Your learning log will be a valuable resource for this section, so keep detailed notes. This section of your paper should also be several paragraphs long.


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