I-Search WebQuest – Process (Questions)


Process Part 1—Questions

We will do some brainstorming and pre-writing for this in class.
When you work on your I-Search paper, you will focus on “What I Already Know, and What I Want to Know“
In this section, you will describe what you already knew about the topic, why you were
interested in it, and what questions you began with. Some questions to guide
your work in this section include the following:
Why have I chosen this topic?
What do I already know about this topic?
What do I wonder about?
What questions do I have?
On what particular question do I want to focus?
What do I want to “discover” in order to answer my major question?
In this section, you will probably not cite any research, as it really is just the introduction to your actual work. However, you might refer to particular sources that “hooked” you in terms of interest or from which you have gained what knowledge you already have. This section should be at least two paragraphs long and provide the reader with a clear sense of why you’re researching your topic, how it relates to creating your product, what you already know, and what you hope to find out.


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