I Search WebQuest – Intro

I Search Paper Introduction

For our Humanities 5 paper, you will be exploring a question you choose that
relates to American History.
We will be following an I-Search  approach, which means you will
be writing about the PROCESS of your research, not just the results.
  • What have you always wondered about American History?
  • What have we not yet explored in history class?
  • What issues need to be looked at today?
This assignment is an opportunity to focus on something meaningful to you!
You will tell the story of your whole journey, from choosing a question, through
research, your findings, and reflecting on the overall process. The goal is
not just to share what you have learned about your topic, but
to include your reader on the journey of your learning about your topic.
You will have time in class as well as out of class to work on this.