The Tempest

Handouts Available here if you lost anything

Classroom Work

To supplement our work on the production of The Tempest, we will use our class/homework time to develop our characters and understanding about the context of The Tempest. You will turn in your work complete in your Tempest Folder. All work is due Wednesday, 3/25. Our test covering The Tempest and the vocabulary will be Friday, 3/27.


Portfolio, Due 3/25

1. Event Timeline (handout from Sigrid)

a. Put events in order
b. Complete event sheet for primary character

2. Character Timeline/Backstory

(Instructions on handout from Sigrid; make timeline on other paper)


3. Character Monologue CANCELED! 

4. Costume Design for one of your Characters—Shakespearean Era

(Handout from Sigrid; and AWESOME presentation at–also resources from class PowerPoint and at,

a. Character design complete with fabric or clearly drawn choices, hair, facial hair, etc.
b. Must fit character and time period

5. Discussion Questions and Seminar

a. Complete Seminar Anticipation guide pieces as assigned (handout from Sigrid)
b. Participate as observer and talker in Socratic Seminar(s)




Test on 3/27

Comprehension of play based on script and classwork

a. You should be familiar with the main events in the play and why all characters do what they do; this means everyone’s characters, not just yours.
b. You should be able to write down lines that show important information about your character(s) and to describe him/her/them.


  1. Look up assigned words and develop clear definitions, pictures, and sample sentences
  2. Collect all 35 vocab words
    1. Grades 4-6: Vocab Cards
    2. Grade 7: Vocab Sheets (handout from Sigrid)