Causes of the Civil War

DUE Thursday, 5/29

Square 3–Causes of the Civil War

When this is due, be ready to share your square and a brief summary of what your cause was, why it happened, and why it helped lead to the Civil War. Your square should reflect some of what you learned from your research.

I would like your summary to be HANDWRITTEN, as this will LESSEN the temptation of copying and pasting from online. If you use someone else’s words, put quotes around them.


Causes and Who Has Them:

Compromise of 1850  Z
Dred Scott v. Sandford  M
Uncle Tom’s Cabin  R
States’ Rights
Kansas-Nebraska Act  P
John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry  C
Election of 1860 A



Sources for ALL the causes of the Civil War

More Specific Information:

They have the following videos:

Education Portal—Uncle Tom’s Cabin and issues in the 1850s
Education Portal—Bloody Kansas/Kansas-Nebraska Act
Education Portal—Dred Scott v Sanford
Education Portal—John Brown’s Raid