Intermediate History

Welcome to Ancient and Medieval History!

Over the course of this year, we will explore humanity’s origins as nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers and the subsequent development of agriculture and civilization. We will explore several ancient and medieval civilizations, using the following Essential Questions to guide us:

* How does the past influence what comes after it?
* How does a group provide for the needs of its members?
* What do various groups share, and what is unique about each?
* How do geography and resources shape civilization?

History homework will be due each Friday.

Class and homework will include (but is not limited to) note-taking, answering questions, completing activities, quizzes, projects, and taking notes on assigned videos. Any work unfinished in class should be finished at home. If a video is assigned as homework, student should be prepared with Cornell Notes on the video the day it is due. Work to be done completely at home will be assigned at least a week in advance to allow students to plan.

Cornell Notes is the style of note-taking we will be using. All notes should stay in your History Notebook so that they are easy to find.

Cornell Notes PowerPoint


History Set Up
Cornell Notes introduction/practice
Basic geography of the world (maps of continent and oceans)
Overview of ancient civilizations (timeline) Timeline is due on Friday, 9/5

Unit 1–What is a human?
Overview of human development from Australopithecine to Homo Sapiens
Exploration of what distinguishes humans from other animals
Study of early human society/life based on fossils and artifacts
Learn about/create Paleolithic art
* Homework for 9/12–take Cornell Notes on your chosen human characteristic from The notes should be in your History Notebook. Bella is doing Bodies, Davy is doing Tools and Food, Juliana is doing Brains, and Rowan is doing Walking Upright.

* Homework for 9/19 has been emailed to students

* Homework for 9/26 is to finish their Cave Paintings

Unit 2–What is a civilization?
Early agriculture and the shift from mostly hunter-gatherer tribes to agriculturally-based
Animal and plant domestication

* Homework for 10/3 is to complete their Characteristics of a Civilization Interview





* Homework for 10/10 Cornell Notes on handouts from class. Handouts should be highlighted as well–we will start this work in class.

* Homework for 10/17–Characteristics of Sumerian Civilization

* Homework for 10/24–None

* Homework for 10/31–Finish Code of Hammurabi sheet


Unit 3–Ancient Egypt
Resources for research for Humanities 2 paper–click here
Egypt powertpoint (Ancient Egypt)

* Homework for 11/7–Research page done on god or pharaoh

*Homework for 11/14–Turn in Empress Bellagio pictures

*Homework for 12/5 (questions for Egypt Game)


Unit 4–Ancient India

Resources (Buddhism Hindu goddesses India Hinduism)
* Homework for 11/7–Research page done on god or pharaoh

*Homework for 11/10–Geography Quiz, Indian Geography

*Homework for 11/17–Cornell Notes on overview handout


Unit 5–Ancient Greece

In History we will learn about the time periods and features of Ancient Greek civilization. Combining with our learning about Ancient Greek Myths in Literature, we will undertake the Alder Olympics to explore other elements of Greek culture.

* Homework for 1/23 Cornell Notes update on Education-Portal videos

* Homework for 1/30 Cornell Notes update on Education-Portal videos

*Homework for 2/6–Alder Olympics check-in

*Homework for 2/12–Alder Olympics projects due

Unit 6–Ancient China

Chinese Geography

WebQuest (click on “WebQuest” to go to it)